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Discover the world of online education and learn about the doors that will open up for you with an online degree in a field of your choice. Read the latest trends in online degree programs and the importance of accreditation, articles about job training requirements, and fast-growing careers. Get your online education going today.


Online Degree and Career Guides

Explore our comprehensive guides to online degree programs for the hottest careers. Find out more about job opportunities, salary ranges, degree requirements and how you can take online courses.

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Online Legal Degrees & Careers

Begin your online legal education with our Online Legal Degree & Career Guide. Learn about paralegal, legal assistant and court reporter careers—and the degree you'll need to enter these fast-growing fields.

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Online IT Degrees & Careers

Learn about careers and degrees in information technology in our Online IT Degree & Career Guide. Read about five degrees that you can earn online, and why salaries in IT are among some of the best.

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Online Psychology Degrees & Careers

Psychology, social work and counseling offer a wide range of careers and settings. Read about your education and job options. Start your search by visiting our Online Psychology Degree & Career Guide. 

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Online Nursing Degrees & Careers

Nursing is a career that never goes out of fashion. Learn why nurses enjoy an excellent job outlook and about your different online degree and career paths by visiting our Online Nursing Resource Guide.

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Online Education Degrees & Careers

For increasing numbers of prospective teachers and administrators, an online degree in education is the first step to a career. Find out what's available in education by visiting our Online Education  Guide.

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Online MBA Degrees & Careers

An MBA degree can help you climb the ladder to career success. Management opportunities and better salaries are just two perks. Learn about MBA degrees by visiting our Online MBA Resource Guide.

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Online Criminal Justice Degrees & Careers

Online programs are available for a wide array of criminal justice careers. From conflict resolution to corrections, begin your career in criminal justice by visiting our Online Criminal Justice Resource Guide. 

Online Education Articles

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Online Medical Billing and Coding
If you’re one of those conscientious people who are highly organized and achievement oriented, you could put those valued skills to work in any number of health care specialties. But why not select an area that anticipates a 20 percent growth rate over the next six years?

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Financial Aid for Online School

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Ways to Finance an Online College Education You've made up your mind to enroll in an online educational program, but the thought of paying the tab makes your head spin. Don't worry, there are many types of scholarships, grants and loans available to undergraduate and graduate students.

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Online school is becoming more and more popular, and admissions regulations, financial aid and new degree programs are changing daily. Find up-to-the-minute news, tips and articles that will help you succeed in your online school program.