Get Your Hospitality Management Degree Online

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By Kimberly Brandes

Spending nine to five, Monday through Friday, week after week, in the same office cubicle, isn't for everyone.

Maybe your ideal job description includes traveling to new places and interacting with others for more than a few minutes at the water cooler. If you are a creative thinker who is fueled by helping people, you may be the perfect candidate for a hospitality management degree online.

Hospitality Simplified

Completing a hospitality management degree online provides you with a variety of job options that you can tailor to suit your personal set of skills, interests and career goals. How do you know which one is right for you? Take a look at three facets of a hospitality career and the skills necessary to succeed in each:

Hotel Management

A mint on the pillow, the crispness of the sheets: anyone who has stayed at a hotel can tell you that luxury is measured by the details. Working in hotel management requires the ability to run the substantial responsibilities of hotel operations while maintaining the details that make customers feel welcome and relaxed.

Event Planning

For this hospitality career, creativity is the icing on the wedding cake. You must also be highly organized, an effective communicator and able to flourish in high-stress situations. Event planners can run their own businesses as consultants or find job opportunities within a hotel or resort.

Restaurant Management

Can your leadership skills stand the heat of the kitchen? This avenue of hospitality is great for those who love meeting new people and working in a team environment, but it also requires a great deal of energy and patience. To succeed as a restaurant manager, you must be able to direct a large staff of varying personalities while staying focused on quality control and the financial aspects of the business.

Why Attend an Online School?

Enrolling in an online school gives you schedule flexibility. This means you'll have extra time to gain practical experience in hospitality while working toward a degree. Furthermore, having an online degree demonstrates that you are a self-starter and effective at managing your responsibilities, which are important qualities of a leader in any field of hospitality.

What to Expect From Your Online Program

A degree is not necessary for some entry-level hospitality positions, such as front-desk hotel clerk or restaurant server, but you will need a bachelor's degree to be considered for a management position. Supervising the finances of the organization is a key responsibility for a hospitality manager, so a typical online degree program in hospitality will have a foundation in standard business courses, including statistics, economics and finance.

Once the business-oriented requirements are completed, you can take online courses in your chosen field of hospitality. Those interested in hotel management benefit from a wide range of courses, from catering management to travel and tourism studies. Event planners typically take online courses in marketing and promotions, while aspiring restaurant managers focus on food preparation and sanitation standards.

Make an Investment in Your Career

The time and effort you are willing to invest in your online education is worth the rewards that follow. Look for online degree programs that provide opportunities for acquiring hands-on experience. Take time to research the internships that are offered, many of which include amazing experiences in unique locations.

Whether you want to work for a world-wide organization, a private company or even for yourself, an online degree in hospitality provides the tools to shape your career however you decide. The setting of your hospitality career could be anywhere from a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean to a luxury ski resort in the mountains, but one thing is certain: you won't be stuck in a cubicle.