New Year's Resolution: It's Online Degree Time

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By Chris Nelson

Happy New Year! It's a time to start fresh, set some goals, cross a few items off your life's "To-Do" list. Do you want to lose a few pounds, go back to school, or appear on a reality TV show? What about climb a mountain, find a better job, or end that feud with Uncle Fred? Have you been thinking about changing your college major from psychology to interior design, or starting your own web development business? There's something special about starting a new year that gives us a chance to make a deal with ourselves to make some changes and set some resolutions.

Did you know that a popular resolution is to "Learn Something New"—if this is one of your goals in 2016, now is the time to start. Find online degree programs today.

Achieve Your Goal with an Online Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with a bachelor's degree earn almost $25,000 more per year than those with a high school diploma. Workers with a master's or doctorate earn nearly $50,000 more per year than those with only a high school diploma.

An online degree can help you start a new career or get a promotion in your current field. Many careers are raising the bar by requiring higher degrees—a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or even a doctoral degree - than in previous years. Having an advanced degree can open up doors to new fields, or give you an edge in your current career.

Start your search for accredited online degree programs today!

Making Online Degree Program Work for You

The first step to an online degree is to explore the careers that appeal to you and find the things that you are passionate about.

Once you have a list of careers you're thinking about pursuing, research online colleges or an online university that offer accredited degree programs. The key is to find a school that fits your requirements, in terms of the degree programs it offers and the study format it provides.

Request and gather as much free information from these schools as possible. Don't be discouraged by tuition costs and time constraints. There are many forms of scholarships and tuition assistance for online learning to fit your needs.

And Finally ... Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

According to, over 45 percent of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution. With a little guidance, you can figure out how to tackle your goals head-on, with a greater likelihood for success.

  • Create a plan immediately
  • Write down your resolution and plan—and keep reminding yourself of your goal
  • Buddy Up—find a friend who can help you stick to your goal
  • Think "year-round," not just New Year's
  • Remain flexible—situations change and so may your goals

It's a new year—and time for a new start. You've got what it takes to succeed.