Online Christian Education Surges in Popularity

man studying online christian education

By Kate Halstead

While religion and spirituality have always been important parts of American life, the horrific events of September 11, 2001 caused an upwelling of interest in pursuing religious studies, particularly through an online Christian education.

People young and old are finding themselves looking for some substance to life beyond just a job. Touching a broad spectrum of Americans from teens poised for college to successful mid-career professionals, many are finding solace and personal growth from pursuing religious studies through an online Christian education program.

More Relevant Than Ever

With religion evolving into a powerful driving force behind many world events, an online Christian education can help you prepare for a broad array of career and life paths. By providing a solid, values-based education, Christian colleges have never been a more relevant choice for those looking for something more in their lives. And, for anyone with a career or family demanding the lion's share of your time, seeking an online education is also a more viable option now more than ever.

Christian-Based Career Paths

Because most Christian education programs are interdisciplinary, graduates have many career options. For example, a graduate program in religious studies combined with the right electives can lead to a successful career in law, business or health care.

Graduates can expect a wide range of salaries depending on their field, industry and occupation. However, for many it's a labor of love, and salary is not their top consideration.

From traditional careers as members of the clergy or religious scholars, those with a Christian studies background often find themselves following humanitarian callings such as advocating for the poor and sick, leading human rights groups, or nurturing young people as guidance counselors and leaders of youth organizations.

In addition, many Fortune 500 companies are finding that developing a more faith-based approach to the workplace enriches the lives of all. Individuals with a Christian education background can be of high value to these organizations as members of their human resources departments, peer mentoring groups and motivational speaker bureaus.

The knowledge and skills that come from a Christian education program can help enrich and change lives in the most positive of ways.

Time and Distance No Longer an Issue

There was a time when making a commitment to seek a Christian education meant traveling far from home and devoting years to the effort. The Internet age has certainly changed all that. It is now possible to choose from many high-quality Christian distance education programs. You can still manage all of life's priorities while receiving an online Christian education—on your timeline.

Learning for Life

Depending on the program, students enrolled in an online Christian college can expect to take courses in religious studies that focus on ancient and modern religious traditions from around the world including Western and Eastern philosophies. Courses often cover the powerful effects religion has in shaping society and its ethical and philosophical aspects as well.

Many online Christian school programs include courses in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, math and natural science combined with individual concentrations on elements of spirituality.

An online Christian college allows you to interact with students from all over the world in a way you'll never find in a traditional campus setting. You can immerse yourself in a unique, media-rich, Christian learning community that helps you grow spiritually as well as academically.

With the guidance of faculty committed to helping students explore their own capacity for spirituality, an online Christian education can help you open doors and find a path of your own choosing; one filled with rich meaning.