Online Schools are Becoming Popular for Moms

online school for mom

Working mothers are busy with their careers and looking after their children, which is why online schools for moms are becoming a popular choice for those who want to pursue a higher level of education.

Some women already have a college diploma but haven't yet earned a master's degree. A higher level of education can help professionals get their next big promotion, but sometimes the process of going back to school is complicated by family life. These family obligations are one reason moms are deciding to do their studying through online degree programs.

Jennifer Rowland earned her MBA without attending any traditional classroom instruction, according to ABC News. "I could be anywhere in the country, I could be anywhere in the world and I could still participate in class," she told the news source.

Rowland had two children and was pregnant with a third when she talked to ABC about her studies. A senior manager at the auditing firm Ernst and Young, Rowland was able to manage her responsibilities because she could work from home.

On a national scale, Toluna/Greenfield Online, on behalf of American InterContinental University (AIU), conducted a recent survey of 1,800 moms across the country. Ninety percent of the moms surveyed felt pressure to contribute to the family well-being because of the current economy.

The survey surmised that more than 70 percent were not completely satisfied with their current education level or set of skills, but despite the high percentage of those feeling dissatisfied, the survey also found that the main reluctance to go back to school was the time commitment needed to get an education, or financial resources.

However, 30 percent of the moms who had returned to school reported an increase in income, and one-in-four chose to enter a new field or profession. Of the percentage that had returned, many were stay-at-home moms who chose online school as their preferred training method because of the flexibility of online education.

Jennifer Ziegenmier, AIU's vice president of university student management, says it's critical to "provide mothers with flexible options to help them further their education and develop their skills."

Online school for moms, dads—or any member of the family—can bridge the gap between thinking you can't better your own life without sacrificing your family life. In fact, earning your degree or learning a trade from an accredited online school may just provide the solution to choosing career goals over family. Who says you can't have both?

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