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You've made up your mind to enroll in an online educational program, but the thought of paying the tab makes your head spin. Don't worry, this is a common reaction. There are many types of financial aid. From scholarships and grants to loans, we're providing information about each option's unique advantages to undergraduate and graduate students.

Here are some valuable financial aid tips and information that will calm your fears and help you tackle your education costs.


Search for College Scholarships

A scholarship is money gifted to a student to pursue graduate or undergraduate education—no repayment necessary. While scholarships are awarded for a variety of reasons, the most common are for student merit, financial need, athleticism, ethnicity and field of study.

The are over 1.3 million scholarships available to students so sifting through the information might seem like a daunting task. We've distilled all the pertinent data for you and have answers to your college scholarship questions.

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Student Loans

Student Loans and How They Work

Several types of student loans are available to college students who need help paying for online college tuition. Read about and learn how to apply for:

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College Grants

College grants are a great way to subsidize your education. Unlike student loans, grants do not have to be paid back. There are over a thousand federal grant programs in the U.S., offering more than $400 billion dollars worth of financial aid to students and organizations.

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Financial Aid & Student Loan Articles

Paying for an Online College Education

Just because you're pursuing a degree online instead of at a physical university doesn't mean it's going to cost any less. Luckily, student financial aid and college scholarships are available for people pursuing online degrees.

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Financing Your Online Education

You shouldn't let cost deter you from earning your degree. There are more financial aid options available than ever for students pursuing online learning programs. And getting financial aid may be easier than you think.

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