Online Degrees 101

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Online education is only getting bigger and more exciting as schools continue to develop better online programs that meet students’ needs and industry training requirements. Whether you are starting your education, furthering your education, changing careers, or interested in personal growth, find out why getting an online degree from an accredited college may be right for you.

All Online Schools provides you with everything you need to know about getting your online degree. Read about the importance of accreditation, find definitions for online learning terms, get online education tips, compare top online schools and more.


Navigating the World of Distance Learning

Common Myths About Online Degrees

Online learning myths are demystified with straightforward answers. Find out the differences between online degree programs.

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Online Degree Tips

17 Tips for Online Learning Success

Earning your degree online gives you the flexibility to achieve your career goals, on your own terms. Read about some important tips to increase your online learning success.

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Online Degree Differences

How Your Degree Impacts Your Salary

Learn the differences between online certificates and diplomas, online associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, and online master’s and doctoral degrees.

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Online School Accreditation

Why You Must Pay Attention to Accreditation

Learn what accreditation is, why it’s important to attend an accredited school, and how to find out if an online college or university is accredited.

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For-Profit vs. Nonprofit Online Schools

Are Traditional Schools Really Better?

Learn about differences between for-profit and nonprofit online universities. Learn the benefits of each type of school and how they measure up.

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Online Education Glossary

A Guide to Online Learning Definitions

Learn the definitions for over 40 commonly used online learning terms. Get information about applets, cohorts, streaming video and virtual libraries.

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