MCSE Online Training Course Leads to Great IT Jobs

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By Sarah Stevenson

Microsoft Windows Server—one of the most widely-used server operating systems— is used to manage network and hosting environments in small businesses and large corporations alike. With a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification, IT professionals can position themselves for a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities working with Windows Server technologies. Taking an MCSE online training course will help prepare you for the exams you'll need to pass in order to earn the certification necessary to work with Windows Server.

What is MCSE certification?

An MCSE certification proves that an IT professional has the ability to design, implement, and support business solutions based on various Windows Server platforms. Configuring and troubleshooting network systems, analyzing network environments, and managing users and resources are just a few of the skills that MCSE certification covers.

There are different certifications available that cover different versions of Windows Server technology, as well as specializations in areas such as messaging and security. Both the Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server certifications require you to pass seven exams in areas such as networking systems, client operating systems, and design. You can find out more about the required exams and training prerequisites at Microsoft Learning's Certification page.

How will an MCSE online training course help?

Microsoft offers several different options for MCSE training, including classroom training from Microsoft Certified Partners, hybrid study from Microsoft Official Distance Learning, and self-paced online Microsoft training courses. Also, many colleges offer an MCSE online training course or in-person training toward certification, through official partnership with the Microsoft IT Academy. When you enroll, be sure that you meet the prerequisites for MCSE training, which may include more basic IT certifications or skills.

What jobs does MCSE online training qualify me for?

An MCSE online training course or other MCSE preparation helps IT professionals get ready to take the official Microsoft certification exams. Once you've passed all the exams and received MCSE certification, a wide array of job opportunities are possible, including systems engineer, technical support engineer, Internet security specialist, network administrator, network analyst and technical consultant. Job duties might vary from configuring and maintaining network and server systems to assisting with network security and implementing protection from hacker activity and other unauthorized intrusions.

Regardless of which career path you choose to follow, an MCSE certification provides you with the skills you need to pursue a rewarding and challenging IT career working with Windows Server technology—and taking an MCSE online training course will ensure you'll be prepared to pass your certification exams.